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AAC is in a few weeks and I know some of you follow me from where I have met you at cons
I do not know if I have posted about what I will be for the three days, so here you go.
Friday I will be Medusa from Soul Eater
Saturday I will be Dave in a Nak suit
and Sunday I will be Heinoustuck Dave

But it is a few weeks away, so I do not know if I will get those cosplays done, but if you want to find me, that is what I plan to be wearing!
What are you guys going as?
(I will also be posting my pictures of the cosplays the mornings of the days, so if you want to see those, go on
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Kimi Hitachiin by SeaweedRain
Kimi Hitachiin
I made this for my friend
The sketch I made of it was from a while back but I never finished it til now, so, Im not all that big a fan of it.
Fail at Feffles in a Bikini by SeaweedRain
Fail at Feffles in a Bikini
So I tried to draw Feffles so I could try and figure out how to draw bodies and I also had a cool design in my head for an outfit for Feffles but I failed so whatever here have my failure because I haven't put anything on here in forever.
Feferi Peixes belongs to Andrew Hussie from Homestuck
Ah yes, I have not been drawing that much as of lately, due to the fact that I have not been on my laptop because it is mean. BUT, I do have a tumblr in which my art is posted there sometimes, but right as of lately, I have been working on scale mates and coming up with new cosplay ideas for the future cons and relating stuff to not just homestuck all the time. I do have a lovely cosplay list so far, but the homestuck one keeps growing, nonetheless, I will be having art posted at every now and then. Thank you all for not getting too upset with me, I am coming up with a comic full of my OCs and possibly thinking of making adopts in the future. As for now I am still sorry for not being active and hey! I will see you at cons, fellow New Hampshire con goers!
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Homestuck is my main art may not be the best, but hey...I try...

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Black-skin-angel Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014   General Artist
Thanks for favO!:iconnoizplz:
ArtemisTheArtist Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is kinda late but thank you so much for the fave!!! :D
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Hellishly-Sweet Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the watch!
SeaweedRain Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
XD I was watching you before but I was watching too many people so I deleted all the watching, I believe we used to talk a lot and I had your old skype before mine got a virus and I created a new one. We used to do group calls I think and I used to watch your livestreams/joinmes often and talk to you with a guy named dylan I think? Not sure if you remember (or if this is the same person, if not sorry ^^; )
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IceRocket Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hey i heard you were comin to aac, its the dave from way back from QCK, im gonna be going sat and sun we should say hi c:
SeaweedRain Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
OHmy gosh hi!
Im going all three days! I plan on meeting up with the brobot (from QCK) I believe, and the Jade I hang out with is being Levi all three of them and I am going to be femJake tomorrow, Armin saturday, and Eridan sunday.
I would love to meet up with you!
Anyone else you know from QCK coming?
IceRocket Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sobs cause i wasnt on da the 17th cause of cosplay shit and tumblr

but uh
yeah that tyrian karkat from QCK came and was a really cute cecil aaahh
i only went saturday and sunday but on saturday i was timelord dave if u saw me, and sunday i was dave lalonde!!!
i maaaaay have saw you on sunday, i got a picture of two eridans, one with a bucket and ones whose fins were off!

anyways im so sorry about never answering this until now! but im going to QCK 2014 as Sollux with a flower crown (hopefully if i make one in time) but if u see me there yeah!!!!
SeaweedRain Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
Omg yes! I had two buckets and I was literally too lazy to make fins, like I didnt get a picture of myself but the people to took pictures of me said they might post them on tumblr.
I had to leave early on Sunday though, the snazaroo made me sick, but I got three free pieces of pocky!

And its okay, I dont go on DA often anymore, but I will follow your tumblr with my personal if you want? I unfollowed everyone on my personal tumblr because of so many blogs that hadnt been on in about a year.
Also for QCK I dont know what I will be, I may ship with the Karkat who did the Harlem Shake thing or, if I get it ready in time, Dynastystuck Roxy with my friend, for practice about Anime Boston, I dont know.

But yeah, everyone at AAC was cute XD
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